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Shuckin' In The USA

Meet Pedro AKA Pete

The Lubbock area has many claims to fame among them Buddy Holly, Texas Tech University, our emerging wine industry, and Pedro’s Tamales. What began in 1977 as a small tamale kitchen in the back of a downtown warehouse is now a multi-million dollar tamale manufacturer, distributing all over the U.S.

The business might never have developed at all if Pete “Pedro” had not liked tamales so much. He could only get good quality tamales in Lubbock at Christmas and Easter, and this was never enough for him. In late 1977, to satisfy his cravings, Pedro started making tamales.

The exact formula for Pedro’s Tamales is a closely-guarded secret, but we are proud that the tamales are a homegrown product. We use American-grown corn and cuts of U.S.-raised beef, pork, and chicken. Producing more than 40,000 tamales per day, each tamale is then carefully hand-wrapped in an authentic corn husk.

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